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To all the new followers of The Writers Road

thank you I noticed I have a lot of new followers for this blog I’m also on Twitter as The Writers Road and I will be making more blog post soon I just had the toughest year of my life and I will tell you all about it and where I’m at with my publishing deal and all that good stuff anyway see you on Twitter in between time I love you


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The Mentor-Mentor(ee) Relationship & 7 Ways to Gauge Success

Hopefully, someday soon I will be a student and have a better shot at getting my 1st book finished…..what a blessing this would be….

Susan Wingate

Mentor-TeacherEarly in my career, I met my own mentor, Michael Collins. He nurtured my writing and was key in the completion of my first novel. We worked together for two years and I feel that if I had not had his help, I would still be struggling through that first novel. Certainly, I would not have the personal, expert advice I received from Michael during that time. Right now, I’m working with one student who is a dream student–considerate, willing to try new things and to take advice.

So, how does the mentor-mentor(ee) relationship work? Well, for those published authors with the heart to help see other writers grow in their careers, all you need to do is mention that you wish to work with a mentor student and you’ll have several knocking at your email within hours.

Conversely, for emerging writers searching for mentors, it’s a little more difficult than…

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5 Online Ways to Increase Your Author Presence

More great info for your trip down the writers road….

Susan Wingate

  1. BuildingBlocksBuild a website–To me this seems silly to post but you have no idea how many authors I know who still have no websites. They rely on their Amazon pages or nothing at all to direct their reading public to their books. I suppose this will work for some but for those who want to control content on their sites, you will not get that with an Amazon author page if you wish to categorize your books or if you wish to have a bio, a contact page, a newsletter, or a blog. Amazon pages are limited to what is uploaded to each book and a small amount of personal information like your bio and your social sites. WordPress, Blogger, and Wix (there are many others too now) allow you to customize your “store front” to your exact specifications and not Amazon’s or Barnes & Noble’s.
  2. Blog–If you can, blog on…

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10 Ways to Improve Your Writing Productivity

Susan Wingate

This post represents my beliefs as someone who has been writing full-time since 2004. First off, let me say that I don’t believe in writer’s block. I think writer’s block is an excuse to stumble. Productivity, or word count, must remain high on a writer’s list of most important things in their daily work. Why? Because with any business having a product to sell will determine whether or not you will succeed–not marketing, not social media. If you don’t have books to sell then you won’t sell any books. Pure. Simple. 02122015-IfOpportunityDoesntKnock-BerleQuote

So, how does a writer improve their word count? By improving their habits. And, as a side note, excuses irritate me. Don’t tell me why you can’t do something. Tell me how you can make it work for you.

I’ve developed the following list of 10 items to help improve your productivity and to add word count to your stories.

  1. Decide…

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22 Fiction Publishers in 5 Fiction Genres

*This article is one of the most in depth of it’s kind for the writer to have a good insight and formal list to refer to when it comes to publishing, the ultimate goal of any writer….


22 Fiction Publishers in 5 Fiction Genres.

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5 Ways to Increase Your Productivity as a Writer

….for me, this post from our pal Susan Wingate, is a mirror in which I see the exhausted me, of late. The last three years in fact have been an example of what NOT to do, as she says…..

Susan Wingate

Make sure you get plenty of quality rest — I’m a big believer of sleeping 8 to 10 hours a night. I learned to sleep longer when I read about the benefits of sleep in cancer patients. In 1997, I was diagnosed with melanoma. I basically changed my lifestyle. Sleep was part of that lifestyle change. So, when I recently read about a study posted in The Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine about sleep and productivity, I wanted to share it. This study found that groups with at-risk sleep patterns, insomnia and insufficient sleep syndrome had significantly poor productivity, performance, and safety outcomes. It also goes on to state that: “Fatigue-related productivity losses were estimated to cost $1,967/employee annually.” And the study’s conclusions stated that sleep disturbances contribute to decreased employee productivity which in turn creates a high cost per employee to employers.

Exercise is shown to increase productivity — This isn’t new…

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10 Myth-Breaking Rules of Writing Fiction

okay, so…..teachers who teach writing AND have bestselling books, as in several…..I would love to be a student…..I’m working on a draft that I have trouble seeing the mistakes in because I’m too close to it….Ah well, maybe someday I’ll be a real writer……..

Susan Wingate

One of my colleagues, Terry Persun, and I used to teach this workshop called, “Ten Commandments of Writing Fiction: How to Break the Rules.” The workshop title is evocative enough to fill rooms to overflowing and did on a couple occasions.

Interest in these writing myths made me want to reach out to writers who may be suffering from overload on what to do and what not to do in writing fiction. So, here you go… 10 of the rules–why these rules are in place and how you might break them.

  1. Start with action (or start in the middle of the action)
    Why is the rule in place? To remind writers that they have to hook the reader right away. This is about pulling the reader in to your story right away. Not about starting with action. Even Joyce Carol Oates who is known for her entries into story with characterization…

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For Authors in the Know: News Sites for the Publishing Industry

This is a list from Susan Wingate’s post on writer websites to know. I have them bookmarked and try to keep up with what is going on in publishing, particularly ebook sales. If nothing else follow her and bookmark this page on her site. D.

For Authors in the Know: News Sites for the Publishing Industry.

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For Writers Only: Make Yourself an Amazon Bestseller

This, coming from someone who clearly knows what she is talking about…..I dream of being a full-time writer too…..soon I hope….

Susan Wingate

Yesterday, I mailed out my newsletter offering other authors a chance to try out my method on how to become an Amazon bestseller. I’ve written a white paper that explains my step-by-step process.

There’s a catch, however. Isn’t there always? Simply, the catch hinges on purchasing my latest release–a Christian fantasy entitled The Deer Effect, for only $0.99. The newsletter received a great response. So, for those of you who are not yet signed up for this newsletter do so in order to buy your copy of The Deer Effect and get a free copy of my white paper entitled Make Yourself an Amazon Bestselling Author. This offer will end January 31st.

Once you purchase your copy of THE DEER EFFECT, forward to me the email you will receive from with your “Order Confirmation.”

My email address is susan (at) susanwingate (dot) com.

As soon as I get your forwarded email, I will send…

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A New Cover for Detective Ink!

A New Cover for Detective Ink!.

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