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A Start, A Stop–A Thriller

Originally posted on Susan Wingate:

Here’s a piece that I began over a year ago, a start to a thriller. Since a year’s passing, several other paying projects came up and I had to abandon this story–but only for a little while. After the holidays I intend to pick it up again and continue its writing. Hope you enjoy this start. 

THE HUNGER EATER by Susan Wingate


Her hand throbbed. A bloody smudge curdled like wet coal in the dark on the keyboard. The blood came from a quick slice of broken glass on her right index finger.

Bella Banning gasped when a sudden flock of Canada geese burst through the moonlit fog, past her open window. They held a strict stealth jet formation.

The dog’s slumbered breathing soothed her. She needed soothing. The place looked bad with the dead guy lying on the floor. And next to her pot of trailing nasturtiums? Terrible. The place looked…

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Novel Excerpt: Chapter Five, “A Sadder Season” by Susan Wingate

Originally posted on Susan Wingate:

cat masquerade mask cutout

CHAPTER FIVE of “A Sadder Season” by Susan Wingate

Jay’s Story

The thought of “for better or for worse” didn’t comfort Jay. Clothing heaped around the washer and dryer in dirty but separated piles. A sudden flash of anger shot through him. Everything lately angered him—if the sun rose in the morning, if it set, if birds chirped by the window, if they flitted off.

“Be nice to get this laundry done,” he wanted to start a fight. His voice broke the morning quiet but she didn’t respond. He huffed around in the laundry room. He slammed the dryer door and hauled out a load of clothing of darks, whites and everything in-between. This was Meg’s job. His mood tanked and he opened and closed the dryer door harder this time. He knew Meg was running on neutral, that she was barely making it. Her engine had all but stopped and here he…

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Novel Excerpt, Chapter Two – A Sadder Season by Susan Wingate

Novel Excerpt, Chapter Two – A Sadder Season by Susan Wingate.

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…and then life happened…

Hi All,

I wanted to post a note to you since it appears I have not made an official post here in a long time, though most of you know I am active in social and other media. Also, and unless you’ve had a similar experience in your personal life, like I am right now, then you might not understand just how much a family tragedy, an ongoing one, can affect your drive to write. Not to mention time management and stress levels. I really never understood, and have so much more compassion for people in like circumstances now, just how full scope the giant wrench of life can do damage.  Anyway, I still find the need and desire to write and  think I’m coming to grips with my situation and may be scribbling and editing soon.

Book Country and a few other peer review type sites will be taking a look at my first effort in fiction and hopefully I’m not too far behind the eight ball. We’ll see but either way I am realistic as I go forward with my WIP with great determination to see it published. So that’s it for the moment, I will see you on Twitter and Facebook.

Don’t forget I’m also @danielaudet on Twitter.



Love you, Daniel

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April’s Newsletter Has Super Hero Abilities

Originally posted on Susan Wingate:

TargetHero After searching for years, I finally found an online newsletter provider that I like. This one is from . TargetHero provides unlimited sending and up to 5,000 free contacts.

And, although the “free”-ness ends if you want zero ads showing up in your emails, you don’t really notice the free option ads because they fall down at the bottom your the email and look like any other newsletter you get through your email.

Plus, the little hero dude is pretty cute. Don’t you think?

If you’re at all interested in this product, CLICK HERE to view my latest newsletter. I chose a very simple, classic design that looks unobtrusive and is light but shows my brand well. I like this new, uncluttered look.

What do you think? Any feedback will be assimilated, masticated and discussed ad nauseam within the publicity department, who (by the way) rocks! I love you guys!


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Hey ALL….

Hi everyone…..

I wanted to post another little update and mention a couple things. I’m trying to finish and initiate the promo campaign for my latest song, which isn’t country this time, but a pop-dance tune. It’s a themed shaker with an old, old dance beat with modern dance club spin. Part of the proceeds will go to two human trafic rescue groups that I believe in, the rest goes to the many people who need to get paid for production and performance. Hopefully it will earn enough to get my own abused kids shelter off the ground.

Also, I’m on a break from my action/adventure thriller “To Hunt the Hunter” so I can start edit #3 with fresh eyes and mind. In the meantime I’m looking for beta-readers to look this thing over. Believe me when I tell you I am under no delusions my work is better than it is however I think I have the makings of what could be a good book and hopefully the start of a series. I will be starting book 2 and a stand-alone soon beach story about coming home, dope smuggling and love.

I don’t know about you but the last few months for me have been exhausting, seriously tiring. Drama at home and the struggle to complete and birth to the world two major efforts have me weary, mentally and physically, sometimes even bummed out when I think about the odds of success. Fearless when it comes to this kind of thing I still, sometimes am overwhelmed by doubt. Ego and attitude can only get a person so far when they’re also a reality freak.

Anyway, I just wanted to touch base and say Hi and urge you all to keep plowing the field and pray for rain.

… know where to find me….


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#amediting ……..

Hashtags are good, re-writing is good, and that’s what I’m doing. I took a couple of days off before I go back for round three with the book so I can do a little networking and hooking up with people I’ve been neglecting for a few weeks. Plus, I’m in search of a beta reader or critique group to look this thing over, or at least a few chapters anyway. I would LOVE to just hand it over to Kirkus, but I don’t have four thousand dollars, so……
I have to say, I get a little nervous thinking about someone looking this thing over to check for stuff, but I’m confident it’s worth doing, finishing that is. Anyway, I wanted to check in with you all and say Hi and hope everyone is writing and paying their electric bills….

see you on Twitter,

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The rewrite and edit phase…

A quick note here to my friends about what is going on with me.

I finished the first draft of my first thriller novel the other day. Not big news in the grand scheme of things I guess, but for me, it was certainly a milestone. An event tempered by the realization of just how much work was still ahead of me. Yesterday and today and for many days to come I will be going through the entire manuscript tweaking and redoing everything I can to try to improve this thing while trying to hook-up with beta readers and maybe an editor to try to polish this thing up as much as possible.

I made the mistake of reviewing (re-reading) a short story I published last summer earlier this morning and between spastic body cringes I caused a great deal of doubt within myself that I’m sitting here right now trying to overcome.  The upside is that I can clearly tell I’ve come a long way as a writer, even since then, but the downside is that I wonder just how far. If, last summer, I thought the short was good enough to publish, when it clearly wasn’t, then, am I still slogging through this book too, still, as an ignorant wanna-be?

I will keep going, of course, this time however I will be getting help with this book, a book I intend to finish and publish. Eventually.  And, I will continue to read and process everything I can get my grubby little mits on that might help or teach me something about this wonderfully mysterious craft.

The best way any writer can improve is to keep writing but I would also say that exposure to classes, books and other writers is a good way to keep perspective. We all want our work to count, to be great, but for me the hardest thing has been to overcome my own stupidity when it comes to the learning process. When I was younger and had the time and the means to secure an education, many times, and more often than not – I didn’t. Older and hopefully wiser now, it seems a much harder thing to do. Sometimes I wonder if I really am a writer after all or has this been a living fantasy, a spin off of my love of books and literature. If I wasn’t making any progress at all then I could probably and easily answer that question but since I am, the question then becomes: Can I do this? Will I ever be able to write well enough to sell books? Or, will I be one of millions chasing a dream I will never see come to pass in my own life? I don’t know…..

Personal conviction, I have learned the hard way, can very easily be confused with ego and attitude. Many people fall prey to their own madness when it comes to dream chasing, including me.  Others, however, take a position at the starting line, explode into a sprint and run a good race. Man, how I wish I would have grown up as one of those people.  As bad as we may want things, for some of us they just may not now be, or ever be, in the cards. Let me stop here and mention that I know the difference between hard work and wasted work and I am not afraid of hard work, never have been. It’s just that when it comes to exploring deep into our heart of hearts and gazing at the glimmering hopes and dreams that live within us, it is there that I fear the most, when it comes to failure. How many times I have wished that I had come equipped with an instruction manual and a road map when I hit the ground running here on earth.

Sometimes I feel like a beggar on the street of dreams begging every passer-by for a nugget of wisdom or a morsel of truth, that I might sustain for a few more steps and find my way to the hope of another day, a day where I will live in the land somewhere beyond the horizon. Will I make it? I don’t know….I am not sure, nor have I ever been sure, of whether or not I truly have what it takes.

Anyway, I will find a way to deal, to cope with this low point and in the meantime I will be rewriting my little thriller.

I hope you are making your way down the writers road and that it will take you safely where you want to go.


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My latest book review: ( a new blog post real soon)

The Affair (Jack Reacher, #16)The Affair by Lee Child

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I started, with much anticipation, this book the other day and I’m 150 or so pages in.

One thing I will mention at this point is that this book was well worth the wait. If, like me, you’re a writer then fasten your seat belts kids. Narrative and dialogue and particularly description will have a whole new meaning for you as a writer. Readers are in for a thrill ride in terms of translated action and vivid imagery.
Jack Reacher is on the hunt for a killer who has an appetite for beautiful young women.
Child’s, at one point early on describes his character Reacher,or rather Reacher is doing the talking, in 1st POV, standing by a railroad track (in the course of the investigation), close, just feet away from the tracks, as a train approaches and then blasts past him and it’s a multi-sensory masterpiece of a scene. In another spot (they’re all through this book) where the mother of a murdered girl, in the doorway of her little shack, acts and reacts to news of any progress in her daughter’s murder case and this too is a passage that you will never forget.
Maybe I just woke up on another level just before I began this book or maybe this book transported me to the lofty world of a bestselling author’s perspectives and understanding but I am seriously impressed with Lee’s work here and yes, it deepens the story to such a level that even as a well read writer I feel it’s affecting my own writing just having been exposed to this exhibition of skill.
I hope this book gets the attention it deserves and everyone reads it, I really do.
More soon, I’m devoting all day today to reading.

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Almost done with the first draft….

Hi All,
Hopefully this post will find you happy, healthy and writing your rear end off or maybe even basking in the after-glow of a well structured scene, with impactive dialogue and proper indents. Or, in the case of publisher’s and editors (did I mention how much I LOVE editors?) pub’n and edit’n like crazy with a stable of top tier authors.
Speaking of crazy, a subject I am considered an expert in the field of, that’s what would characterize my mental state as I try to bring my thriller, written in 1st person present tense, to a climax and bring all the action home, followed by a short, ‘needle scratching across vinyl’ epilogue which sets up the next installment.
Distractions? Ummm, well, yeah….try the constant threat of major hurricanes and four precious but seriously juvenile delinquent kittens who love to take turns doing swan dives from the top shelf of my desk onto the keyboard(that they pretend is water) far below. They’ve figured out how to rope climb up the many ethernet cables behind the desk(s). I did not realize how impressionable they were and I’ve decided to not let them watch any more Tarzan or Ninja Turtle movies with us. Maybe it was the Batman movies….or The Transporter series…
Anyway, I’m not really looking forward to the numerous rewrites however part of me does because I want it, the story, as tight as I can get it before it goes off to an editor, yet to be named. (did I mention how much I LOVE editors?).
First person present tense was probably a lot to bite off, for me, a first time novelist but so far, as I read over what I’ve written, it actually makes sense. (Yes, the possibility that I may very well have NO clue has occurred to me…) Credible transitions and my guy’s observations, even the subtle ones, appear to do the job. He’s a thoughtful, introspective guy who happens to bleed profusely, a lot. The feedback from a good editor will no doubt be what makes all the difference in the world, I’m sure, provided I can afford one of the top publisher level editors I’ve heard about in myths and legends and on Twitter.
One thing I’ve definitely noticed in my demolition derby down The Writers Road ( I capitalized here for the bots, who are my friends…) is that the more talented my writer friends are, the less I speak with them. No doubt due to the writing time and celebrity staus.
I hope soon to have that problem…..
New writers need to understand that even though we live in our little (or big) worlds with our characters and the blood and emotions may still be warm and fresh on our faces, once we step out of the realm then it’s time to be objective, studious and willing to partake of the world of networking. Not to mention a little updating on the events and changes in publishing.
I have good instincts. But I’m not dumb enough to believe that they are on a level with an author who has sold a million books, so I look to learn, ALWAYS. (yes, that was me staggering around glassy eyed at the last book convention…).
Oh, and a little tip kids: DO NOT refer to people who write really good writer blogs, author friends who have books selling, people in publishing out there on Twitter, Facebook or where-ever, reviewers, and others that populate your friend orbit, DO NOT refer to them as a PLATFORM. When you reach for your dreams chances are you’ll be standing on the shoulders of someone who someone else did the same for and they are NOT a platform. FB, Twitter, all social media and blogger worlds are, technically, platforms, however even they are populated and maintained in popularity by PEOPLE. It’s kind of like calling a carpenter a ‘hammer’ because he uses one. The core elements, for me, are human and I follow that bond through out all I do. YOU are not a means to an end for me, or, a platform or a stepping stone. If you’re reading this I’m grateful, no matter what thoughts you walk away thinking. And no, I’m not in therapy. Mainly because I can’t afford it…(HAH!)
I’ve been around the block a couple of times in life and I’ve blogged to the world for a long time and as far as reaching the ‘masses’ I didn’t fall off the turnip wagon last night. I miss radio, the ONLY thing about it I miss is connecting with people and hearing their stories and dreams. Writing, in a sense, directly, is a way for me to do that in and through characters and when I someday master the mechanics of writing maybe it will all come together and I can pay someone to clean the litter box.

In the meantime, I’m almost done with my first draft….

….you know where to find me…


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